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TDS 2018-2019 Class Schedule   313-563-8707


Age Guidelines

Students are placed in class levels based on their dance experience, age and ability. They normally remain at each level for 2-3 years before moving to a higher level. These age ranges are guidelines only:

Creative Dance: 2 ½ - 4

Kidcombo: 4 – 6

Kidcombo Plus: 5-6  

Primary:  6 - 7.5

Elementary: 7.5-9 

Intermediate: 9 - 11

Secondary 12-13 

Advanced 14+

Beginning Adult: 16 & up


5:45-6:30 Creative Dance/Kidcombo
6:30-7:15 Hip Hop 6-9
8:15-7:45  Contemporary 6-9
7:45-8:30  Hip Hop 10 +
8:30-9:15 Contemporary 10 +


5:45-6:30 Intermediate Ballet 
6:30-7:00 Intermediate Tap
7:00-7:45 Intermediate Jazz
7:45-8:30  Production/Competition
8:30-9:00    Private Lesson


5:30-6:15 Kidcombo
6:15-7:00 Elementary Ballet
7:00-7:30 Elementary Tap
7:30-8:00 Elementary Jazz
8:00-8:30 Adult Tap


6:00-6:30 Secondary Tap
6:30-7:15 Sec/Adv. Jazz
7:15-8:00 Sec/Adv. Ballet
8:00-8:30 Pointe
8:30-9:00 Advanced Tap


10:00-10:45 Primary Ballet
10:45-11:15 Primary Tap
11:15-11:45 Primary Jazz
12:00-01:30 Acrobatics – once a month, 2nd Saturday
Ballet Technique – once a month, 3rd Saturday


Note: The Dancers’ Studio reserves the right to cancel or combine classes that do not meet minimum enrollment.                                                                   


Class Description

KidCombo: Our goals for the KidCombo student, ages 5-7, are to feel joy in movement, explore dance as a form of personal expression, master basic coordination skills, introduce basic rhythm skills, and to learn basic classroom etiquette. KidCombo includes an introduction to ballet, tap, basic terminology and tumbling.

tap dancing services

Tap: Tap dancing is a series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements of the feet. Benefits of study include a sense of rhythm and coordination, a new form of self-expression, the opportunity to learn the art of performance, learning to accept and correct criticism, and the ability to work with others. Classes range from beginning to advanced and ages 6 through adult.

Acrobatics: Students will acquire learning and performing skills that include a combination of strength, flexibility, and controlled movements. A typical class will include warm-ups, a review of basic skills and terms, a review of previously learned skills and terms, new skills and routines, and conditioning and cool down exercises.

creative dance class

Creative Dance: Our goals for the pre-school student, ages 3-4, are to feel joy in movement, explore dance as a form of personal expression, master basic coordination skills, introduce basic rhythm skills, and to learn basic classroom etiquette. Creative Dance includes an introduction to ballet, basic terminology, and tumbling.

Ballet: We encourage all students beginning at age 7 or 8 to include ballet training in their schedule because it is the art form on which all other dance forms are built. Our method of training draws primarily from the Russian (Vagonova) school, and our progressive classes instill a firm foundation of technique while training the mind as well as the body.

Jazz: You will learn to perform simple to complex movement sequences, explore rhythmic & dynamic qualities inherent in jazz & social dance styles, develop a sense of subtlety and spontaneity in movement,jazz dance services develop the ability to collaborate with others, accept constructive recommendations and support technique concepts learned in ballet and modern. Classes range from primary to advanced and ages 6 through adult.

Hip-Hop: This new and exciting dance form allows for creative expression while exploring controlled body movement at the same time. Hip- Hop dance involves an athletic combination of fast footwork, spins and isolated freezing of the body. You will learn the moves of your favorite pop stars and music videos and have fun while doing it. Classes are designed for ages 7 through adult and require no dance experience.

Opening Line: This is a Kickline/Musical Theater class for students age 11 and up who are at least intermediate level. Improve you extension and acting abilities. The routine will be the opening act for this year's dance recital. 










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